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Always Raw

Shout at me
if you can bare
to see me crumble
beneath your stare.
Say the words 
out loud instead
of letting them echo
inside your head.
Catch my tears 
as they fall from my eyes.
A message of pain
from my deepest insides.
Let me sit alone as I try
to mend the torn pieces
of my heart.
My soul dies,
(with every negative glance from your eyes).



Force feed my anger to the dragons.
Digest the pain and torment.
Understand the will and longing of my soul, 
and yet without even a glace
step on my heart.
Doing so,
crush my spine.
So that no matter what,
you may never have my dignity.


I Reel

I’m reeling again
Grinding hard
Barely holding on….
It’s all highs
And then lows.
And just as I think
I’m totally lost,
The pure Spirit’s,
desperate desire
Takes hold.
And I reel.
I’m a reel
that whips and whirls.
The curiosity
of a little girl
relentlessly reels.


I’ll Feel

I’m rusty.

It’s been some time…

Like feeling for flames,

Emotions will change.

Roll through the stress

Like the tides.

The sailboat rides…

Remember again what’s inside!

Rip open the casing!

I’ve labored to hide.

I rarely let go,

Not wanting to fear.

Bogged down.


It floats in my blood.

A toxin-like suppression.

It’s Mortality.

And Religion.

And Geography.

It keeps me locked in apathy.

So now I’ll explore.
Go back through that door.

And actually feel.

The challenge?

To deal.

Don’t mind if I’m raw.


I Know…

Who knows when and where?

A night that ends,

It’s just a dare.

Who knows for whom it’s for?


I close the door.

Who knows how sad I’d be

if you cut me off?

And suddenly!

Who knows where  I would go?

‘Cause the Good Lord knows my top would blow!

Who knows what I would do?

My temper’s flarin’, turning blue.

Who know’s if I’d forgive?

It’s hard to smile,

but it’s hard to live.

Who knows if it’s you or me?

Stakes are high….

Five on me.

Who knows what I’ll decide?

But in then end,

I’ll know I’ve tried.

Who knows what’s to come?

Tomorrow tells;

The dare is done.


Poetry to Grow With....

You And I.

You and I.

You’re angry, hurt and broken,
Your insides are splayed open.
You’re reeling from the pain,
It’s abuse upon the brain.
It’s You and Me, I know;
Our weakness never shows.
We bury it too deep.
Forget the need to weep.
We’re really always one;
Despite the urge to run.
I’ll stay on if you’re hurt,
suffer as we’re burnt.
Welcome to my world.
Silly little girls
who thought the world was good.
Now, waiting for the flood.

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