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Bee-Well Wellness Colony

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

We are the sum of our parts. Like a hive, or colony, all the parts work together toward the whole. When reaching toward wellness, we must acknowledge the things that may have contributed to what made us unwell. From there we can adjust. The individual cells break down how to make that cell strong so that combined with other strong cells, it makes a Colony of Wellness.

Setting up each cell requires being mindful. It can seem overwhelming trying to make a million changes at once. That’s why I have broken it down into individual cells, so you can understand the importance of them on their own. Tiny adjustments in each area yield huge results. Once you have implemented one thing, you can make space for others. Each new skill, routine, and wellness choice builds upon the one before. Put the cells together and you have a recipe for wellness that translates to your mind, your body and your soul.

Here are the individual Cells and what they’re about:

Foundation This is the category where you blame all the things you’re born with. 😉 Including allergies, pre-dispositions, family history, trauma and where you live., (which has a HUGE impact). This also includes your faith or spirituality.

Environment This is a choice- all the things you surround yourself with. SO, even if you live in the city- do you use an air purifier? Do you protect yourself from EMF and blue light exposure? Do you get out into morning sunshine and try and get fresh air? What kinds of products do you use? Do they add to your toxic bucket? The environment also includes your community- who you surround yourself with.

Food This is a choice also. It includes your water! This is so important as your water is the core of who you are! Invest in a high-quality water purifier and structuring device. Eat locally grown, organic foods as well as seasonal foods. LIMIT packaged and food-like-products with inflammatory seed oils and processed ingredients and preservatives. WHOLE FOODS will help you eliminate much of the guess work. Did it come from nature or a processing plant? If it’s packaged- you should limit it.

Movement The bottom line is that the body was meant to move, not be still. The quality of your movement matters, as does your intention. Movement serves more purposes than just exercise. It moves blood and lymph, regulates your nervous system and helps you de-stress. Movement helps you digest and move your colon for regular bowel movements. Movement oxygenates your cells through increased respiration. It’s an absolute must to overall wellness.

Mental Health The idea that Mental Health is separate from your overall health is foolish. However, covering all the other aspects of your wellness will greatly help in your overall health including your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are a particularly sensitive person, which is a beautiful gift, realize you must learn to decompress from the pressure of the world. You must empty your emotional bucket and fill it with what brings you joy- and only you know what that is. For me it’s nature, Yoga, breathing, meditation, and laughing. Purpose is also important for your emotional and mental health.

Routine Committing to a routine can make switching to a healthy lifestyle much easier. Instead of squeezing a workout in here and a smoothie there… you commit to a way of life that will pay off in the long run. Getting healthy with a routine simply replaces habits with better ones. A routine is a promise to yourself: to see where you started and celebrate where you’re going. Your progress to wellness is a reward in itself- the health benefits make it something to live for.

Wellness This is a general idea of being your best self. Essentially waking up in the morning feeling fully rested and ready for a new day and whatever it brings. Feeling confident in your body, believing in its strength to carry you through your moments. Ease of the routine, less resistance of releasing what doesn’t serve, a connection to something greater. This is possible and I remember a time not too long ago that it seemed like there was no way. Well, I’m here to say: yes, there is.

Over the course of the next many weeks, I will highlight the individual cells that make up the wellness colony. Each cell addresses specific aspects necessary to make that cell strong. Follow along and build yourself a healthier you.

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