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There was a generation of people who snapped off a leaf of an aloe plant when you got burned or stung. They slathered raw honey on an abrasion. They paid homage to their native land by using the plants of the seasons to help their bodies heal themselves- with the help of nature.  We are these kinds of healers, using plants, herbs, aromatherapy, breathing and movement to help you feel better.*

*** Of course not everything can be treated using plant medicine- please see a doctor if you are experiencing a medical emergency. 

Bee-Well Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine



Do you have a wound/injury or ailment that needs personal attention? We can help!
I utilize what nature has to offer: herbal teas, bath teas, homemade infusions of herbs and oils, aromatherapy and techniques passed down from generations of healers.* 

-In-Person Evaluation and Therapeutic Options 

- Small Group Education Classes Available

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Simply breathing can be one of the greatest healers! Deep breaths can calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure. Breathing exercises have been used for as long as we remember!*

-In-Person Evaluation and Therapeutic Options 

- Small Group Education Classes Available

MellyMade Naturals 

MellyMade Naturals includes all-natural products, using only the best, unadulterated ingredients that nature provides.

Beautiful, raw and organic oils, butters, and herbs combined to create products you can be confident are all-natural, always.
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****None of these Statements have been approved by the FDA -they are recommendations ONLY solely based upon personal knowledge. It should not be taken as medical advice. Please contact a medical professional if you are experiencing a medical emergency*******

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