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Resources for Mental Health, Crisis, and Addiction Assistance

Suicide Prevention Hotline:


National Alliance of Mental Health:


Anxiety and Depression Association of America:

Helpful links regarding Breathing:


Yoga and Breathing:

Ujjayi Breathing | Yoga with Adriene

Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and other Addictive Services:

National Alliance on Mental Illness:

Medication Associated Recovery Services:


Tennessee Co‐Occurring Disorders Collaborative:


Regional Overdose Prevention Specialists:                                                                         


Mental Health Services Association:


Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network:

Veteran Services:  


National Association for Addiction Professionals:

Tips on how to be more relaxed and to have a gentle way of navigating the trials and tribulations of life: 

What Alcohol Treatment Medications Are Available?


Resources on Trauma-Informed Care

Anna Institute:

Community Connections:

National Center for Trauma-Informed Care:

Sanctuary Model:

Seeking Safety:

Sidran Institute:

MARA 12-Step Fellowship: Medically Assisted Recovery Anonymous

Safe Harbor Faith Based Treatment & Housing Solutions 

Medicare coverage of alcoholism and substance use disorder treatment. Our free resource talks about the different types of treatment programs available to those on Medicare: 


Seniors are at high risk of developing depression in nursing homes, and if staff aren’t adequately trained on mental health interventions, it poses severe health risks to residents and diminishes their quality of life. 
Seniors need mental health care


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