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The Healing Power

I was recently awakened to the incredible, immeasurable power of WATER.

I've always believed the basics are the most important. In the same way I am conscious the the foods I consume and the air that I breathe- should I not be conscious of the water that I drink when over 75% of our bodies and brains are made of water-?!

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 The growing field of epigenetics tells us that our genes are responsible for only about 25% of our lived experience! Our health is largely because of what it is EXPOSED to. 75% of our health is made up by our lifestyle; including our environment. The WATER we drink and use to prepare our and our family's foods NEEDS to be of the highest quality. 

I offer alkalized, micro-clustered, super- water. 

My journey took me to Kangen Water. This water is not like any other water you can buy. My machine contains 7 titanium plates which are used to structure the water! Micro-clustered, hydrogen rich, alkalized water. You're able to customize the pH of your water!  

I've also included a link to a the Wake Water Co, the founders of a Water Movement intent on hydrating humanity. 

There are several video demonstrations, so you can see for yourself how powerful this water machine is. Drinking water is just one of the over 50 ways you can utilize water when you adjust the pH- including cleaning and sanitizing WITHOUT chemicals.


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