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I've always understood the avocado. Confused for a vegetable or a fruit- when really it's a berry....

Hello! I’m Melanie. My health awakening happened in 2018 with the discovery of kidney cancer. Although the truth is, I’ve always had a very intuitive connection with my body and therefore on some level understood I was doing it harm when I went too far with my shenanigans that often included drinking and eating crappy food. Subsequently, here is what my life looked like for decades: pain, depression, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues, anxiety and finally cancer. My actual labs are loaded on this site so you can see that what I have implemented works. Since I am the primary cook and consumer in this house, my rules, rule- to speak. It's working. For all of us. And we started from the same place as most people reading this.


Up until 2018, (my surgery was August 10th), I'd been several different things in life- and if this is the resume portion, I'd list the following to my credit: College at the wrong time for the wrong thing. I'd studied English with a focus on communications with the thought I'd go into newspaper Journalism.  However, that dream died, and I was reborn in Hawaii. I worked for the State Golf Association; I traveled the islands and put my people skills to use. I also met my husband and began my life as a military wife and mom. That life was very fulfilling in a lot of ways and very isolating in others. We lived in different places. Recreated home- and throughout the years, I built on my knowledge. I kept learning. I studied aromatherapy and became an a Aromatherapist. I read every book I could find on herbs and began using them and making recipes to take the place of products in my house. I taught essential oil safety classes and learned how to use them for things like anxiety and pain relief. I combined them with herbal infusions- whew! I started a small all-natural wellness business called MellyMade Naturals. I sold them in a few local stores and to friends and family across the country... Delightfully, I even went back to school here in Tennessee with a concentration in Abnormal Psychology....But the truth was, I was searching for my perfect fit- and I'd not quite found it yet.

​But during my recovery from removal of the kidney cancer- I had an awakening: I was not going to accept that a genetic mutation meant that I had no control over the growth of future tumors. I started to dig into my body and what was going on. I realized I have an intuition over my body and I suspect everyone else does as well. It was learned through mindfulness exercises, Yoga, breathing and learning to be comfortable with my own company and only the sounds of the world around me. I began to hear exactly what I needed.  And maybe what you need too.  I got to work- on myself. Applying proper nutrition, healing from the inside out. And listen- if I can come back from it anyone can. And although there is still work to be done, I know the path. I learned how to break down the problem into parts and go at it piece by piece. 

I finally had my mission: Tell my story and inspire others. Learn how to teach them how to listen to their own bodies- how to heal themselves by replacing bad habits with good ones and bad food with good food and bad water with good water  and good thoughts instead of bad and more sunshine....always more sunshine. And encourage their growth! 

All of those individual modalities come together here. Like the way the bees build their hive a cell at a time. That shape is strong and supportive for what's above and below. That honeycomb- that is your life- and what you fill those cells with is what you get. The stronger each cell- the stronger the hive. And we all know bees work together to keep it running tip top- that's what needs to be done for people as well. We'll start at the bottom and build up. That's what I've been learning how to teach- finally beginning to fulfill my life purpose, to share my lived experience and all of the things I have learned along the way as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.


Now, tell me about you... :) 

Love, Melanie

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