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Bee-the-best-You Coaching



Every person comes packed with a different bag of conditioning and coping mechanisms. You deserve to have that past-self unpacked so you can re-learn a more positive and healthier way. Given the opportunity and offered new options to choose from, people SHINE! It's about learning a new way- so that you can FEEL a new way! Choosing to grow shows immense strength, so congratulations if you have decided to choose a new healthier, happier, holistic approach; aligning the mind, body and soul.  

I'm a pro at analyzing where there is something that can be tweeked to better a situation. Call it a survival superpower, if you will! I will evaluate your diet. I will talk with you about your thoughts on your health and wellness and I will do my best to help you break it down into manageable parts. 
Our first meeting will be a 45 minute get-to-know-you-chat to make sure working together resonates on both ends.


There are several Mentoring packages to suit anyone!


Packages include:

-diet evaluation and recommendations 

-overall wellness evaluation

-Journal for your journey

-step-by-step instructions on a new approach

-personal support to get you there! 



I also have a package for stressed-out parents who need a little guidance on how to get the days rolling smoother! I offer all of this, so you can finally get it all together and move forward, a better, happier, more peaceful you!  Take a look at the options below and if you have any questions at all, please reach out! I am always willing to customize for your needs. 

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