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Super Simple Recipes on your path to Well-beeing...



The perfect smoothie isn’t just a bunch of fruit blended up. Do you know why? Sugar! Too much sugar, even in the form of fruits- can set you up for a sugar crash later. Here is a quote on why this happens from Sanford Health:

“When the body has more sugar than it’s used to, it rapidly produces insulin in an attempt to keep the levels consistent. This causes blood glucose to decrease, which results in a sudden drop in energy levels, also known as hypoglycemia, or a sugar crash.” (1.)

The perfect smoothie has a balance of sugars (carbs), protein, fiber and fat.



The Classic Bee-Well Smoothie:

½ C Frozen Fruits (I love Pineapple in mine!)

1 Large Handful- Greens of your Choice (I use spinach, kale, chard or a combo).

½ C Aloe Juice

¼ C coconut Water

½ Avocado

2 Tablespoons Almond or Cashew Butter

2 Tablespoons of Seeds (I often use Chia, Flax, Hemp or Sesame or a combo of).

Fill with water


Now Blend and Enjoy!!! 😊


Bonus Nutrients: Micro Greens! Great Addition to any smoothie!


Pro tip: For aid in digestion: chew a little greens or seed while you’re preparing your smoothie. It helps get saliva flowing which is needed for digestion and one thing you’ll need to address when drinking smoothies regularly.

Simple-Yet-Super Salad

Salads can be a staple in most diets when you target all the elements of a well-balanced meal. Making sure you have protein, fiber, carbs and healthy fat is essential. Also keeping an eye on dressing options is important as dressings are often laden with preservatives and sugar that set your well-meaning meal off-kilter.

1 Large handful mixed greens (the more variety the better! Spinach, chard, kale, etc)

½ avocado

1/8 C Seeds of your choice (I love pepitas and or sunflower seeds in my salads!)

1 Handful of grape or cherry tomatoes

¼ C chopped carrots

1 Handful of mushrooms, sliced

¼ C Olives (green or black!)

2 tablespoons hummus or ¼ C chickpeas


Add any additional veggies you like onions, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli etc!

Adding a strawberry or mango or pineapple can be a fun way to make a new flavor combo!


Optional: 1 Hardboiled Egg (if vegan- use whole avocado).

Optional: 3oz. (or the size of your hand) of lean meat like grilled chicken or turkey (vegan double beans, olives or avocado).


Add to a large bowl and toss or enjoy as is! 😊


Bonus Nutrients: Micro Greens! Great addition to any salad! Kimchi! Fermented foods are great! Pickled Red Onions are another good option.

Bonus Ingredient: Bee Pollen! Immunity booster and pure goodness!


Dressing Options: High quality olive oil and red wine vinegar, Salsa, all-natural dressing- check for sugars and fake ingredients! (2 tbs). Olive Oil and lemon with salt and pepper.

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Diet is central to health and wellness. My rule of thumb when eating is to try for WHOLE, nutrient-dense foods. I like things to be simple and tasty. Here are several recipes I enjoy regularly.  I'll be adding new ones and organizing them as time goes on- but for now, enjoy!

What is a whole or nutrient-dense food? Basically anything that is grown and sourced and then consumed. There is no (or verrrry little) processing involved. No packages of things that are trying to be foods- but aren't. No preservatives. No hormones. No pesticides. All of these damage you on a cellular level and over time can really impact your health. So being mindful NOW can save you LATER. 

Basic Miso Soup for One


This soup isn’t a day-long process. It’s meant to be simple to make, but tasty to eat!

1 ½ C Miso Soup Base  (I buy them like the chicken stock ones are sold- near the Asian Cuisine items).

¼ C Mix frozen corn, peas, green beans, carrots (Or any already cooked veggie you might have on hand).

Pinch of fresh ginger, chopped

¼ C Extra Firm Tofu chopped extra small

2-3 Large, sliced mushrooms- choose your favorite! (I like baby portabella, shitake or white button).

Pinch of Sesame Seeds

Pinch of Green Onions


Heat Miso base on stovetop until heated and steaming- not boiling.


Combine all of your goodies into a large bowl.

Pour hot miso base into bowl onto veggies.

Cover for 5 minutes.

Eat. 😊

Bonus Ingredients: Sprouts! I love bean sprouts in mine, but I also add microgreens sometimes as well!

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Simple and Yummy Noodle Soup

Fill a pot with a Broth of your choice. (I use vegetable broth no salt added- but you can use chicken, or bone broths as well!). (About 64 oz. +- for you or your family).

2 Cups Frozen veggies of your choice- (Mix of corn, peas or carrots is a great option or any combo).

1 C. Chopped Carrots

1 C. Chopped Onions

Handful of Spinach or Kale (or both) Chopped SMALL

1-2 cans Beans of your choice, drained and rinsed.  (I like Kidney, Black or Garbanzo Beans).

1 can Tomatoes  

2-4 Cloves minced Garlic

1 Tbs. Oregano

1 Tsp. Pink Himalayan Salt

1 Tsp. Black Pepper

1 Tbs. Rosemary

1 Tbs. Garlic Powder

1 Tbs. Onion Powder

6-12 oz No yolk Egg Noodles

Add all broth, veggies and herbs and spices to pot and bring to a low boil. Let boil/simmer for 1 hour to let all flavors meld together- scrape the sides of the pan often.

Optional: Shredded Rotisserie Chicken added at same time as veggies and broth.

Add Noodles 30 minutes before serving.

Serve and Enjoy! 😊

Easiest Avocado Toast

½ Ripe Avocado

1-2 Slices gluten free bread

Toast bread and top with avocado, pushing it down so it will stay on the bread.

Top with Salt and pepper to taste.

Optional: Add and a sliced Egg!

Bonus Nutrients: Add micro greens or tomatoes!


Many more to come....

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